Compliance Blog

Oct 22, 2007

From A to Z (well, from 5300 to Your Insured Funds to be exact)

The Compliance Guy is amazed at how many folks do not use NCUA's site map.  This web page lists all of NCUA's major internet pages alphabetically.  A stroll through the "A" section will give you the Accounting Manual, Accounting Bulletins and the AIRES Exam Software.   The "B" section gives you a link to NCUA's Bylaws page.  I could go on and on.  The site map is a great place to go when you are looking for something, but just do not know where to find it on NCUA's website.  And a quick scroll through its content may alert you to unknown gems - low-hanging compliance fruit just waiting to be picked.   For example, did you know that NCUA has a "Consumer Privacy " web page?  Probably not.  Well, go to the site map, scroll down to the "C" section, and click on "Consumer Privacy."  You'll find a wealth of information about NCUA's Privacy Rule.  The Compliance Guy uses the site map almost daily.