Financial Literacy

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KOFE is a customizable financial education platform created by Consolidated Credit to help businesses empower families through financial education. We work with individual credit unions to create a finely tuned educational approach that speaks to their members and the community at large. These resources help the user achieve and maintain lasting financial stability, increasing members’ ability to engage with and use a credit union’s products.

Utilizing over 20 years of experience in financial counseling, Consolidated Credit designed KOFE to help users advance from financial uncertainty to expertise. We’ve helped over 5 million people find relief from debt so they can achieve stability even in the face of financial challenges. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Consolidated Credit is a leading provider of financial coaching and debt counseling.

Products and Services

  • KOFE seminars and webinars can be tailored to the needs of your business and members. We give you the flexibility to set the date and time, length and topic of each session. You can host events exclusively for your members or invite the members of your community and use these courses to drive outreach and member on-boarding.


     Check out KOFE's full infographic of learning experiences:


  • The Two Interactive Course Series provides a ground-up financial education approach. KOFE Break Finance covers key topics like checking account basics and car buying to help users learn how to use financial products effectively. Credit Dojo focuses on effective financial management, providing roadmaps for everything from debt consolidation to the mortgage approval process.

  • KOFE’s Financial Resource Library includes over 100 videos, 50 electronic publications in both English and Spanish, and a growing catalog of infographics that offer insight into current financial trends. These resources expand users’ understanding of their financial world so they can make smart choices in today’s complex market.

  • One-on-one Financial Coaching allows users to connect with senior-level certified credit and HUD-approved housing counselors. All KOFE coaches have a minimum of 8 years of counseling experience with Consolidated Credit, ensuring your members receive the best advice no matter their need or question. Our coaches also understand how to educate members about key financial products that credit unions offer, driving them to utilize tools and financing options they not take advantage of otherwise.

    We also understand that even the best educational platform is only effective if it’s able to reach users. That’s why we have a fully staffed creative team of graphic designers and content writers to provide outreach materials customized for each credit union that uses the KOFE platform. From out-of-the-box website banners and electronic fliers to customized newsletter content, we help you get the word out to grow your member base and inspire them to use financial services strategically to reach their goals.