Linking Policy

NAFCU ("us," "we" or "our") has implemented this Web Site Linking Policy ("Linking Policy") in order to answer questions regarding links to (inbound) and from (outbound) our Web site ("Site").

1. Outbound Linking Policy

Links displayed on our Site, including hyperlinks, buttons or referral devices of any kind, are offered solely as a service to our visitors and members, and we are not responsible for the content of any of the pages to which you may be directed. The presence of a link should not be construed to mean that the site has an affiliation with NAFCU, nor should it be construed to mean that we endorse, recommend or certify its contents or providers.

Links displayed on our Site may be reviewed for inappropriate content prior to and after their initial postings, and we reserve the right to remove any link from our Site which we determine, in our sole and absolute discretion, contains "Inappropriate Content." Inappropriate Content includes, but is not limited to, any words, items or graphics of an offensive, lewd, or suggestive nature; material that is in violation of federal, state, or local laws; material which is contrary to NAFCU's mission or philosophy; or material which harms or impugns the image, reputation or goodwill of NAFCU or any of its members. We encourage you to contact us if you feel Inappropriate Content is being displayed on a linked site.

2. Eligibility for Outbound Links

Eligibility for an outbound link on our Site may be limited to members of NAFCU, Preferred Partners of NAFCU Services Corporation, and participants in NAFCU's Virtual Trade Show. We reserve the right to establish terms and conditions for placing a link on our Site, and we will determine the location and placement of all links on the Site.

Requests to establish or remove a link should be emailed to

3. Inbound Linking Policy

We welcome links to our Site, subject to the following terms and conditions:

a. Links may not trap our Site or alter it in any way.

b. Content on a linked site must not contain the NAFCU logo (other than for the purpose of displaying a link to our Site), imply a NAFCU endorsement, or harm or damage NAFCU or any of its members in any way.

c. Content on a linked site must not imply that materials from our Site are maintained within the linked site.

d. If we notify you to remove a link to our Site, you will do so immediately.

4. Limited Permission to Use NAFCU's Graphics or Domain Name

We grant non-exclusive, limited permission to the owner of any Web site which places a link on its site to our Site, to display our graphics and/or domain name for the purpose of providing a link between its site and our Site.

Use of NAFCU's graphics and/or domain name for any purpose other than displaying a link to our Site is prohibited.

We reserve the right to cancel our limited permission to use NAFCU's graphics and/or domain name for Web site linking purposes at any time for any reason, or for no reason. Upon receipt of cancellation notice, all use of our graphics and/or domain name must immediately cease and the links to our Site must be terminated.

5. Agreement to Comply with NAFCU's Linking Policy

Your display of NAFCU's graphics and/or domain name on your Web site constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions of this Linking Policy. This Linking Policy may be revised or changed by us at any time, which revisions or changes will become effective when posted on our Site as part of this Linking Policy.

6. Questions

Questions concerning our Linking Policy may be emailed to or addressed to NAFCU Digital, 3138 10th Street North, Arlington, VA 22201-2149.