Musings from the CU Suite

Aug 07, 2019

AI will help you get your ... beer faster?

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

How many of you have ever tried to grab a drink at a crowded bar?

It can be frustrating. End of the world problem? No. But still.

Well, AI to the rescue.  Possibly.  A company will try to use AI to help bars recognize who was in line first for a drink. I'm not kidding. (Engadget). Using facial recognition, it notices a person and then assigns her a number. The next person it recognizes, it gives him the next number. 

AI at a bar? Really?

Why not? I hesitated in sharing this little tidbit. Using AI and facial recognition to reduce wait time at a bar might seem trivial to some. But then I thought again. Sometimes a great change makes a bad process just a little bit better. 

  • We used to have to scramble for a seat at the movies. Now we can reserve seats online. 
  • We used to have to go into branches to get cash. And then came along the ATM. And then came the debit card. And you can pay with your phone. Or smartwatch. 
  • Remember getting gas before "pay at the pump?"
  • You used to have to go out to eat food from a restaurant. But then came Dominos. And other major pizza joints followed suit. Now just about everyone delivers, either directly, or via Uber or Door Dash. 

Look for friction. Look for things that make you go, "ugh." Look for the unpleasant process. The bottleneck. 

They're all opportunities. 

And I'll drink to that!