Musings from the CU Suite

Nov 08, 2012

The Election, Milk Shakes and Sit-Ups

Written by Anthony Demangone

The election is over.  Your phone likely will ring less.  Those little signs that suddenly appeared on front yards and along roadways will slowly go away. Television ads will return to normalcy.

It was the biggest election of our lifetime, right?  At least that's what they said.  But let me ask you this. Are things any different now than on Monday?  

I'm not discounting the power of Democracy, and our important right to vote.  But we spend a lot of time focusing on candidates, the right path, and the wrong track, and which one we are on, and which one we should be on.  We, as a society, treat elections as if they will make a major impact on our lives.

Maybe they will, but maybe they won't.  Many folks smarter than I believe that the power of the President to really move the dial on major issues such as the economy, world peace and the price of tea in China is very limited.

Whether your guy won or lost, it won't affect whether...

  • You get enough exercise
  • You eat right
  • You get enough sleep
  • You communicate effectively
  • You tackle the most pressing issues on your plate with zeal
  • You treat your colleagues, friends, and family all fairly and with respect

Doing just some of the things on that list will markedly improve your lot, no matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Respect the power of the Presidency. Of course. But never underestimate your power to improve things all on your own.

Have a great weekend, guys. A great, long, weekend thanks to Veteran's Day.  And for the veterans who read this, many thanks for your service, strength, and courage.  We owe you one. A big one.