Musings from the CU Suite

Feb 28, 2012

Lollipops and Essential Skills for Kids

Written by Anthony Demangone

What does it mean to be a leader?  Must you wear a pin-strip suit and make major decisions that impact the lives of thousands?  Perhaps.  Or could it be as simple as handing out a lollipop?  Drew Dudley has some thoughts on that question.  I think the six minute video is well worth your time. 


If you have problems seeing the video above, use this link.

Speaking of lollipops, I tend to scan articles that deal on how to be a better parent.  This article ( discusses 9 essential skills that children should learn.  As I read the list of 9 essential skills, it became clear that I still had work to do on many of them  

  • Dealing with change.
  • Tackling projects.
  • Asking questions.

I'll let you read the article to see the other essential skills.  And here are two questions for you.  Are those essential skills for organizations?  If so, does your organization have those skills?