Musings from the CU Suite

Apr 24, 2012

Recap; Grab a Mop; Heavy Hearts

Written by Anthony Demangone

NAFCU's CEOs and Senior Executive's Conference was a huge hit.  And John Spence did a fantastic job.  I was going to recap John's talk, but he went ahead and did that for me already!

Watch this video - it will be well worth your time.  Many thanks, John.  You were a pleasure to work with, and our members are better off having heard your words of wisdom!

John and Me.

Jim Blaine pens this fantastic story ( about management and leadership.  All I can say is this: pick up the mop, folks.  Pick it up!


It has been a sad week.  First, I learned of the passing of Joe Melchione.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joe perhaps a half-dozen times.  A larger force in credit union law you could not meet.  It was 2004 when I first met him.  As a young attorney at NAFCU, I whispered to the guy next to me as Joe spoke, "Who is that guy?" Luckily for me, I got to know Joe a bit over the years.  He will be missed.

I also just learned that my friend Chris Gerow finally lost his battle with cancer.  All our love and prayers go to his wife, Jo.  I first met Chris at a NAFCU compliance conference in 2005.  You will never meet a finer person. If an alien landed and said, show me your best, I'd point him toward Chris, along with a few others who have touched me throughout my life.  He will be missed. 

For those researchers working to cure cancer - thank you for your work.  God's speed, folks.  God's speed.