Musings from the CU Suite

May 18, 2017

Taking things personally...

Written by Anthony Demangone

I think you'd like my brother, Mike. He loves to share things that he thinks will be helpful. He's pretty darn upbeat. And he laughs at my jokes. In other words, he's very kind.

About a month ago, he sent me a pic via Messenger. Here it is.


It is pretty simple, but I think it is very powerful.

While I could write tons on each one, I really am trying to focus on #2. Don't take things personally.

In any good workplace, people will challenge ideas. There will be disagreements. There's just no way for everyone to agree that all of my ideas are the best thing since sliced bread.

But it can be hard to hear critical feedback. Be it from your boss, or a colleague. We often tie our work product to ourselves. If they offer guidance, they aren't just criticizing my work. They are criticizing me, right?

I'm spending more and more time focusing on this. My colleagues simply want the best for NAFCU's members. If they critique something I've offered, it is for this reason. We may have a different point of view, but we certainly have the same goal in mind. 

I take a peek at this chart before meetings now. I'm not saying it has solved everything, but it is a nice reminder to center myself. To see my colleagues as trusted advisors - to see their feedback as the help it is.  To do my best. To use my word for good. And to not make assumptions.

Four simple things. 

Four powerful things.