Musings from the CU Suite

Mar 01, 2012

The Thursday Five; Too Much

Written by Anthony Demangone

Here are a five items that caught my eye.  I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Headlines.  As a former journalist, I understand their importance.  A great story may go unnoticed unless the copy editor creates a punchy headline.  This blog post (The Content Strategists) gives a great overview of how to write them, as well as a good deal of resources.  I'm guessing your credit union writes a good deal of headlines.  Do you have a newsletter?  A credit union blog?  You may want to pass this along to your marketing team.
  2. Leadership and Solitude.  Recently, I wrote a bit on finding time to think.  Here's a wonderful piece (The American Scholar, one cuss word within), which is actually a speech given by William Deresiewicz to the 2009 plebe class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  It is a long read, but a very, very good one. 
  3. Meetings.  Seven types of people make meetings less effective, according to this article.  Type Number Five is one of my pet peeves.  
  4. Inspiration.  If you don't subscribe to Sports Illustrated, you missed a wonderful story about Mike Powell.  It is more than a story about wrestling.  It is about overcoming obstacles.  Leadership.  Responsibility.  All done in the face of a terrible disease. 
  5. An Army Lives on its Stomach.  If you are a credit union manager/leader/executive, I'd bet that you'll visit a few cities this year as you attend credit union conferences.  The Food Network has created a master list of cities that include the restaurants the network has visited.  See where your conference is, and then see whether the location is included. 


The other day, Kate asked for some tortilla chips.  I pulled out her bowl, and put a few in.

Kate:  No Daddy.  I want too much.  Put too much in my bowl.

How could I say no to this?

The Artist

    Have a great weekend, guys!  Here's to having "too much" fun and enjoyment.