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Aug 09, 2012 by Chelsea Sisson
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Help Your Fellow Credit Unions Find Great Calculators for Their Website

One of the standouts for NAFCU Annual Conference is the tremendous volume of sharing of best practices that occurs. Some of that is spontaneous, and occurs around the proverbial watering hole, but there are also some structured opportunities.  NAFCU has a CEOs Forum, a Senior Management  Forum, Chairs Caucus, Directors and Supervisory Committee Forum, a defense credit union summit, a women’s leadership summit, and a small credit union roundtable, just to name a few.

It was hard to turn a corner without seeing credit union executives from different credit unions exchanging ideas about what works and what doesn’t work. One of our differentiators versus banks is this level of cooperation, and it creates a great atmosphere for credit unions to learn from each other.

There is no limit to the sorts of best practices that get shared at events like this. Perhaps the credit union executive you sit across from at breakfast will have a great idea on how to motivate employees. Maybe a credit union down the road will have a really effective advertisement that gives you inspiration to jazz up your own credit union’s ad campaign. Or maybe you’re about to go through a core processor conversion and want some tips on how to minimize disruption to members.

Don’t forget; you get what you give! The best way for you to open up the door for credit unions to share with you is to share your best practices as well.

So, on that note, we’ve launched a referral promotion to help make more credit unions aware of our calculators, which are available free of charge to NAFCU members (others pay a small fee to help us maintain them).  So far this year credit unions using our calculators have served up over 1.3 million calculations to their members, and we’re on a pace to hit 2 million calculations by the end of the year – that is more than 30% growth year-over-year.

As you can see they’ve been a big hit, and they even won a best practices award from CU Journal too. But don’t just take our word for it; see what some of our current users have to say on our testimonial page.

"Our branch managers have used the calculators to promote our online services and have received phone calls about loans because members were on our site checking out the calculators themselves."
– Katelyn Andrews, Marketing Coordinator,
Webster First FCU 

"We had previously used more simple calculators on our website, but the wide range of topics and more specific information provided by the Calculators proved to be invaluable to our members."
– Jennifer Montalbano, Marketing Project Analyst,
AmeriCU Credit Union

If you currently use calculators and love them why not let another credit union know about them?

As an extra incentive, we’re running  a referral promotion – if you refer  a credit union to us that ends up using the  calculators, both you and that credit union will be entered to win one of three free registrations to NAFCU 2013 Strategic Growth Conference or to NAFCU 2013 Technology and Security Conference.

If you’re not currently using the calculators, don’t worry -- you’re still eligible to participate too! If you start using calculators before September 30th, you will also be entered to win a free registration to either NAFCU 2013 Strategic Growth Conference or to NAFCU 2013 Technology and Security Conference, whether you were referred or not.

Just remember that you are a great resource to your fellow credit unions. Let them know about the calculators; we want to see you at conferences next year!

Post written by Chelsea Sisson, Associate Marketing Manager, NAFCU Services Corp.

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