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Jun 14, 2011 by Kelly

Six free market analysis tools for loan officers

Steve Richman is the national spokesperson for Genworth Mortgage Insurance and a sales trainer of loan officers. When he says sales trainer, he means it – Steve has taught over 50,000 lending executives.

Steve recently visited our offices at NAFCU to tape a series of educational webcasts specifically for credit unions. (And we really hope he speaks at our Strategic Growth Conference next year.) :-)

The primary focus of Steve’s work is aimed at helping credit unions across the country increase their lending activity. In this first webcast of a four-part “Planning for a Purchase Market” series with NAFCU Services, he describes six free online market analysis tools and how best to use them.

Loan officers can:

  1. Research local home values at
  2. Track local foreclosures at
  3. Understand local unemployment trends at
  4. Discover local tax incentives, rebates, and refunds for going green at
  5. Search by zip code for your members’ PRIZM segments at
  6. Pull specific demographic data for your city at

Watch the full webcast to find out how Steve navigates these websites to get at the good stuff. He also weaves in a few tips for using the data to position credit union loan products to members and prospects.

Now, let’s hear from the credit union loan officers out there. What other great tools should be included in this list? How do you analyze your local real estate markets? And what are some of the innovative ways you use this information?

Post written by Kelly Latham, Director of Marketing, NAFCU Services Corporation

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