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Virtual Access & System Requirements

How do I access this event?

We recommend watching this virtual event in your computer's internet browser. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge to view the event. We DO NOT recommend using Internet Explorer.

Can I watch the event from any device?

Yes you can watch on any smart device. For optimal viewing, we recommend watching this on-demand event in your computer's internet browser.

How do I check to ensure I won’t have viewing problems when the event begins?

You may test your device’s audio and video by viewing this test stream. You can also identify any issues in your specific systems’ hardware/software compliance with our Bandwidth and Plugin Support. Click the following link to view the full system requirements list.

What if I have issues connecting to the event stream?

For Virtual Access Questions: Please contact NAFCU’s Member Services Center at info@nafcu.org or 800.344.5580.
For Audio/Video Questions: Please email events@yorktel.com for assistance.

What if I still cannot get connected?

Please contact NAFCU’s Member Services Center at info@nafcu.org or 800.344.5580 if you cannot get connected.

Note: Some connectivity issues may be due to your own internet connection, devices, browser and other variables. NAFCU and Yorktel, the live stream provider, will work with you to try to get you connected during the live session. If for any reason you cannot watch it live, you can watch on-demand starting within 30 minutes of each session’s completion.

On-Demand Access

How soon can I watch sessions on-demand?

Each session is available as a link on the agenda. Please access the agenda to view each session along with presentation slides.

How long will this event be available on-demand?

Your registration gives you access to on-demand recordings of all conference sessions until March 12, 2021. Exams may be taken online after completing the on-demand sessions.

Presentation Slides

Will presentations be available for download? When?

If the speaker has a PowerPoint or other session materials, they will be available in the Virtual Event Community agenda and on the Presentation Slides page.

Can I share session presentations?

Each registration provides access for one person to view the event and receive session materials, just as if you were registering to attend an event in-person.


Can my entire team watch this event on one registration, or should we register individually?

Each registration provides access for one person to view the event, just as if you were registering to attend an event in-person. Each person will need to use their individual login to access the event. We’ve also reduced the price by up to $650 compared to the in-person event, further providing each individual attendee with excellent value while still receiving the same core compliance expertise you would receive from attending the event in-person.

I was registered by another person. Will this be an issue?

No, but you must use the email address that was provided when you were registered. Each registration provides access for one person to view the event, just as if you were registering to attend an event in-person. To ensure your individual email was provided, not an email used to register multiple attendees, email us or call 800.344.5580.

NCCO Exams and Certification

When is the testing session during the event?

Our suggested exam schedule is noted in the agenda. Sessions on the content of each exam precedes these suggested testing sessions.

You can take/retake any of the 4 NCCO exams by going to the Virtual Event Community and clicking the NCCO Certification tab beginning Wednesday, August 12 and ending December 31, 2020.

When you’re ready to begin your exam, access the Virtual Event Community. Click on the NCCO Certification tab, then Exam Information. Here you’ll find the breakdown exam instructions, proctor affidavit and the direct link to the exam. Ensure you secure your proctor prior to accessing the exam.

Download the proctor affidavit and send to your proctor via email. The affidavit is a fillable pdf that must be completed by your proctor at the conclusion of each exam session. Once your proctor completes the affidavit, they must email the affidavit to ncco@nafcu.org so you can receive credit for your exam session. A new affidavit must be completed for each exam session.

As a best practice, we recommend taking a screenshot of your final score and forwarding it to your proctor. The proctor can include your screenshot with the affidavit email.

How will the exam session be held? How do I access?

  • The exam is located in the Virtual Event Community. You will need to log in with your NAFCU username and password.
  • Don’t know your NAFCU username and password? Please call or email NAFCU Member Services at (800) 344-5580 or info@nafcu.org.2.png
  • Once logged into the Virtual Event Community, navigate to the NCCO Certification tab,
  • Then choose the Exam Information option in the drop down


  • Before clicking on the Take NCCO Exam 1button, be sure to have your proctor ready. Your proctor will instruct you when to begin the exam.

Please read the full NCCO Exam Instructions. You may also download the instructions to keep in your records.

What if I do not have a camera on my computer?

You will need to have a camera on your computer or cellphone in order to have your exam proctored through a video platform. Alternatively, you may take the exam in person with your proctor.

I didn’t register to sit for the exam in advance, can I still take the exam?

To access the exams, you will need to register and pay the exam fee. Simply give our Member Service Center a call at 800.344.5580 or email info@nafcu.org to get signed up.

What is the fee to register for and take the exams?

The fee to sit for all four exams is $179 for NAFCU members and $249 for non-members.

How will we know what our exam score is?

You’ll receive your exam score immediately upon completion of the exam.

What score is needed in order to pass?

A score of 76% is needed to pass the exam. You will also need to send a screenshot of your score to ncco@nafcu.org

When will I receive my attendance certificate with CPE information?

Attendance certificates will be sent via email the week following Virtual Regulatory Compliance School. Contact certificates@nafcu.org for additional information.

Exam Retakes

Important note: you only have four retakes per exam.

I did not pass the exam. Can I retake it and how many times?

The exam may be attempted five times—one initial time, and four retakes.

  • If you attended the live event July 28-August 7, 2020: You may take or retake the exam at any point following the conference until December 31, 2020.
  • If you attend on-demand: You may take or retake the exam up to six months after your purchase date.

Contact ncco@nafcu.org if you encounter any problems retesting when Virtual Regulatory Compliance School is no longer in session.

What is the final date for completing NCCO re-take exams?

  • If you attended the live event July 28-August 7, 2020: You may take or retake the exam at any point following the conference until December 31, 2020.
  • If you attend on-demand: You may take or retake the exam up to six months after your purchase date.

Is there a fee for re-take exams if I attended Virtual Regulatory Compliance School?

There is no re-take fee if exams are taken before the final exam due date period (December 31, 2020). Once past the due date, NAFCU will charge $179 for members and $249 for nonmembers per exam re-take.

Maintaining Your Certification

When will I receive my NCCO certificate?

New NCCO’s will be sent their certificates via U.S. mail one week after you have successfully completed all NCCO exams. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Once Virtual Regulatory Compliance School has ended, how long will it take to receive notification of my credential once I complete my last exam?

It generally takes 5 - 7 business days after receipt of your exam to get confirmation of your new certification. You will be notified via email, and your certificate will follow in the mail.

When does my NCCO certification expire?

If you become an NCCO this calendar year, you would have two years to recertify your credential—starting at the beginning of the next calendar year. For example, if you become certified in August 2020, you would have from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2022, to complete the recertification process and maintain your credential.

How do I maintain my NCCO certification?

To recertify your NCCO credential, you must earn 24 NCCO-accredited continuing education units (CEUs) between the 2-year recertification period. For those who attend Virtual Regulatory Compliance School, your period to recertify would be January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Credits can be accumulated by viewing NCCO-accredited sessions on NAFCU’s Online Training Center and attending NAFCU conferences where there are NCCO-accredited sessions. Credits can also be awarded from other sources upon approval. Contact ncco@nafcu.org for additional information.