ChatGPT: What AI can do for you!

Thursday, April 25, 2023, 2:00 – 3:15pm

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ChatGPT has been created with one main objective – to predict the next word in a sentence, based on what's typically happened in the gigabytes of text data that it's been trained on.

Did you ever hear of the saying, “People fear the unknown?” Artificial intelligence scares people, but it is the future, and you need to understand the tools and resources it offers. It’s also about saving time, that’s what technology and in this case, artificial intelligence can do for you.  If you want to save time and have a better quality of life, this training is for you.

Once you give ChatGPT a question or prompt, it passes through the AI model and the chatbot produces a response based on the information you've given and how that fits into its vast amount of training data. It's during this training that ChatGPT has learned what word, or sequence of words, typically follows the last one in a given context. During this webinar, ChatGPT: What AI can do for you, you’ll discover the background, purpose, usability, and the pros and cons. Don't miss this opportunity!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the background of AI
  • Understand the purpose of AI
  • Identify the pros and cons 


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  • NCRMs
  • Risk titles

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  • NCRMs will recieve 1.0 CEUs for participating in this webinar

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Justin Muscolino
Justin Muscolino

Regulatory Compliance Consultant