Member Webinar: Board Succession Planning

Available On-Demand until March 21, 2024

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Change is a constant and credit union boards are not immune. The increasingly competitive landscape, and high-performing CEOs, should be stimulating all boards to proactively address board-level succession planning. Too often boards find themselves in a reactive state, forced to implement board-succession measures with decades' worth of impact. Put differently, a board’s methodical and research-based approach to succession planning increases the options it has to strategically manage change at the governance level. Board succession planning is one of the most strategically impactful processes an organization undergoes.

During this Board Succession Planning webinar, DDJ Myers will present how to comprehensively and practically implement board succession planning best practices. Related topics to board succession planning, such as composition, board-room dynamics, development, recruitment, onboarding, compensation, and establishing performance standards will provide greater context on to how to approach this important measure. Ground-breaking research and credit union-relevant examples of applications of the presented content will provide a real-world understanding of how to apply the learning.

Key Takeaways

  • Obtain a roadmap to elevate every board’s succession practice
  • Discover current industry trends in board demographics and representation
  • Learn how to benchmark the needed portfolio of skills and representation
  • Explore how to start a board recruitment and onboarding process
  • Investigate key dynamics that inform succession planning progress
  • Delve into how to address blind spots
  • Unearth the dynamics of accountability and compensation


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Who Should Attend

  • C-suite
  • Executive vice presidents
  • Board Members

Education Credits

This webinar doesn't qualify for any continuing education credits recognized by NAFCU or NASBA.

Presented By

Deedee Myers, PhD, MSC, PCC, CHIC, Founder & CEO, DDJ Myers, an ALM First Company
Deedee Myers, PhD, MSC, PCC, CHIC

Founder & CEO, DDJ Myers, an ALM First Company

Peter Myers, PCC, MSC, Senior Vice President,DDJ Myers, an ALM First Company
Peter Myers, PCC, MSC

Senior Vice President, DDJ Myers, an ALM First Company