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Jun 07, 2013
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Which Regulatory Changes Are Coming Next?; Seminar in Nashville

Written by Steve Van Beek

Pew Charitable Trusts Report. If you haven't seen the recent Pew Report - Checks and Balances: Measuring checking accounts' safety and transparency - be sure to take a look. Pew has numerous recommendations to the CFPB, including:

Disclosure Policies

  • Require depository institutions to provide information about checking account terms, conditions, and fees in a uniform, concise, easy-to-read format that would be available online and in financial institutions' branches.
  • Require depository institutions to provide accountholders with clear, comprehensive terms and pricing information for all available overdraft options when a customer is considering opting in to a plan.

Overdraft Policies

  • Require that overdraft penalty fees be reasonable and proportional to the institution's costs in providing the overdraft loan or to the size of the violation.
  • Require depository institutions to post deposits and withdrawals in a fully disclosed, objective and neutral manner, such as in chronological order, that does not maximize overdraft fees. 

While these are recommendations at this point, there is a definite possibility the CFPB moves on amending checking account disclosures in the next year. At a minimum, be sure to pass this report along to others at your credit union - paying special attention to the suggested Model Disclosure Box on page 9 of the PDF (page 7 of the report). Would your forms provider be able to recreate that disclosure? How long would it take? At what cost? 

While Pew's Report looks at 36 of the 50 largest banks, the recommended changes are meant for all depository institutions - including credit unions. 


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