Defense Credit Union Issues

The credit union industry has a strong history of providing excellent service to servicemembers, including safe credit products that meet their needs. However, recent regulations have raised concerns for the credit union industry and their ability to serve their military members.

Our Position

Protecting the financial well-being of our nation's servicemen and women has always been a priority for all credit unions. We believe that credit unions will always do everything they can to provide for all of their members, including those who serve our country. But navigating the confusing and contradictory rules pertaining to the provision of financial services to current and former members of the military places an unnecessary burden on credit unions trying to provide the best financial options available.

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How This Impacts You

Despite well-intentioned efforts by consumer advocates to alleviate the financial difficulties many members of the military face, new regulations are potentially restricting access and making it harder for servicemembers to benefit from the best financial products and services.

What NAFCU is doing

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