Embedded Finance- What is it? And, How Your Credit Union Can Benefit From it!

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In this episode we’re talking about the latest in embedded finance. This technique incorporates complimentary financial services offers, such as insurance or credit through a technology platform, in a non-financial transaction. While some may dismiss offers like BNPL as modern layaway, its more about reducing the friction in the purchase process – while creating new revenue streams from interest and/or fees. This is fast becoming a disruptor for traditional banking channels, reducing utilization of traditional products like credit cards and unsecured loans. Listen as Karan Maini from Persistent Systems discusses how embedded finance is impacting credit unions, and what the future may hold for this strategy.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:04] Embedded finance was doing about $20 billion in 2020. In 2022, they are sitting on $130 billion and are expecting it to be around $250 billion in 2026. 
  • [07:45] It is a booming market. It is not about who is going to come out on top. It is about how many parties are going to be able to seamlessly operate in a single customer transaction.
  • [17:11] You don’t need to build a lot of stuff on your own today because everything is out there as building blocks. You simply need to pick the right building blocks and you can make your own ecosystem. 
  • [20:01] The number one mistake is seeing it as a threat. I believe it is an opportunity and it needs to be leveraged as such.

Presented By

Karan Maini

Vice President, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Persistent Systems

Karan has worked as a trusted adviser with financial institutions across three continents over the past 15 years. He has extensive experience in helping organizations leverage digital as a medium for revenue growth as well as cost optimization. Core banking modernization, channel transformation, open banking, RegTech, RiskTech and data analytics are a few areas where Karan has built operating models optimized for location strategy and high velocity agile delivery.