A Financial Tune-Up for Your CU: Deposit Growth and Loan Diversification, Part 2

Podcast Series - Part 2

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In 2016, automotive sales hit an all-time high of 17.6 million vehicles. In the few years since, those rates have plummeted—due, in part, to the growing popularity of ridesharing. As consumer habits are constantly evolving, so too are consumer lending needs. In Part 2 of this series with Traci Mottweiler, Director of Product Management at Allied Solutions, we discuss why loan diversification is key to the survival and growth of credit unions in this ever-changing industry.

Listen now to ensure your credit union is providing the right lending solutions, for the right members, at the right time.

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Traci MottweilerTraci Mottweiler, Director, Product Management, Allied Solutions

Traci Mottweiler has over 22 years of experience providing lending solutions to financial institutions. In her current role with Allied Solutions, she is responsible for identifying, developing, and maintaining strong underwriter and provider relationships across a variety of lending products and services. She manages a robust portfolio of products, including mortgage, auto, student and alternative lending solutions, along with ATM/debit/checking programs, and ESignature and text solution offerings. Additionally, Traci oversees both marketing and educational efforts for products and partners, in turn helping to bolster brand and market presence.