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Insurance—Bond, Creditor Placed (CPI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) and REFUND Plus®.

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2016, 2014, and 2021 NAFCU Services Innovation Award Winner

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With over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, we are focused on helping more than 4,000 clients grow or enhance their bottom line, protect their business and consumers, and evolve to stay ahead of the competition.

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Products and Services

  • Optimize the refund process for cancelled ancillary products tied to secured collateral loan contracts. Stricter regulation has placed a heavy liability on lenders to refund borrowers on unused portions of ancillary products following an early pay-off, repossession, total loss, or an impound/abandonment. This end-to-end service simplifies the refund process, manages refund payments, and provides a service compliant with increasing regulations.

  • Facilitating the lifecycle of ancillary products like GAP and VSC/extended warranties can be challenging. Financial institutions are facing increased regulatory pressure for calculating and issuing product refunds to consumers. Establishing an ancillary product refund process prioritizes and protects consumers while reducing your institution’s risk. Learn how to leverage a proactive approach to changing regulations to enhance compliance and mitigate risk on product refund liability.

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  • For over 15 years, Allied Solutions has been selling and underwriting customizable bond solutions to keep our credit union clients more protected from unexpected risks. Our credit union bond offerings include Fidelity Bond, Cyber Liability coverages, Management & Professional Liability coverages, and Property and Casualty coverages. 

    As an independent agent we offer credit unions the ability to select from a variety of different insurance carriers. This process creates a competitive environment amongst the insurance carriers which leads to very competitive pricing and coverages. Our longevity in this specialty marketplace, and the high level of know-how provided by our employees who have an average of over 30 years of experience working with credit union bond, has granted us the business of more than 800 clients nationwide. As a result, so far we have saved our credit union clients nearly $48 million in insurance premiums. 

    Allied has a strong reputation in the area of risk management services and training, as well. The risk services include on-site risk reviews, directors and officers liability training, bondability searches, check fraud training, robbery training, expert-written risk alert emails, and risk mitigation video trainings. In a market which demands longevity, reliability, trustworthiness, and superior service, Allied has made its mark in the Credit Union Bond industry. Download brochure.

  • The insurance program combined with our technologically advanced, state-of-the-art tracking system UNITRAC, is the most comprehensive solution available for managing the risk associated with auto and other collateralized loans. Both the system and the insurance program are customized to meet your specific needs. 

  • Coverage available for new/used private passenger autos and light duty non-commercial trucks (available on other types of collateral as well). Coverage is provided throughout the loan term, not to exceed 84 months. Pays the difference between the loan payoff and ACV of the vehicle in the event of total loss, plus up to $1,000 primary carrier deductible in the event of total loss. Coverage for up to 60 days following repossession, and coverage for delinquent payments.

  • Our program covers authorized repairs anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Borrowers have a choice of deductibles, and can rely on fast claims service and instant authorization for repairs via toll-free telephone numbers. Our underwriter pays the repair facility directly, so your borrower simply pays a deductible at the time of service.