Covering Your Assets: The Bottom Line on Tracking and Collateral Protection

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On this episode, industry professionals, Scott Myers and Mike Batchelor of Allied Solutions talk about "Covering Your Assets," delving into the critical factors shaping the risk landscape surrounding auto loan portfolios for credit unions. Join us to learn about the power of accurate insurance tracking and verification for enhancing member relationships with informed decision-making, and the importance of solutioning for tomorrow.   

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:23] Having access to policy and claim information is vitally important so you can mitigate your risks in that area.
  • [06:39] Members are shopping and changing their insurance more than ever before. 41% of households with car insurance shopped for coverage at least once in the last 12 months.
  • [10:05] One of the leading indicators of a default or a repossession situation is the dropping of insurance.
  • [12:49] The most important thing from a tracking and risk management perspective is to make sure that the borrower lists the credit union as a lienholder.

Presented By

Scott Myers
Scott Myers

2nd VP of Operations  | Allied Solutions

Scott Myers serves as the 2nd VP of Operations at Allied Solutions, boasting over two decades of dedicated experience in the insurance industry. His expertise spans various domains, with a primary focus on claim operations and risk management. With specialized knowledge in automobile physical damage, post-repossession recovery, operational efficiency, and workflow/process management, Scott has consistently delivered innovative solutions and exceptional results throughout his career. 

Mike Batchelor
Mike Batchelor

2nd VP of Risk Management Product  | Allied Solutions

Mike Batchelor is a seasoned professional renowned for his expertise in business process improvement and operations management, driving remarkable organizational growth and innovation. With nearly two decades of exemplary service as Director of Claims Solutions at Insurance Auto Auctions, Mike transitioned to Allied Solutions in 2021, where he currently serves as 2nd VP, Client Experience & Product Management in the Risk Management Operations division. Known for his hands-on approach and unwavering energy, Mike brings a wealth of experience to the table. His proficiency in management, product ownership, and agile transformation process consultancy is underscored by a proven track record of delivering projects within budget constraints. Notably, Mike excels in deciphering complex business requirements and seamlessly translating them into practical technology solutions, complemented by his exceptional communication skills.