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Overdraft protection has been a frequent hot topic in the news for years. Now we’re seeing big headlines once again, but the press is portraying a myopic view of the big picture. Overdraft services will always play a fundamental role in consumers’ lives given the immediate liquidity it affords them. The question is how to provide these services responsibly, compliantly, and most importantly: how to best offer the right liquidity options for consumers—and ensure they have the ability to repay the overdrawn balance as well as the ability to afford the fees. Velocity CEO and attorney Christopher Leonard is one of the industry’s foremost experts on this topic.

In this session, Christopher will:

  • discuss the latest regulatory thinking on the topic
  • dispel the myths covered in the big headlines
  • share actionable strategies for providing short-term liquidity so everybody wins: the regulators, credit unions and your members

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Christopher Leonard
Christopher Leonard

CEO, Velocity Solutions

Christopher Leonard is CEO of Velocity Solutions.  He’s been with the company since 2005, having previously served as President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. 

Prior to joining the company in 2005, Christopher was an attorney working with privately and publicly held companies in various transactional, compliance and advisory capacities. He also served as counsel to Velocity Solutions advising on, among other things, regulatory issues affecting the banking industry.

This experience allows him to serve as a valuable resource for Velocity Solutions clients and partners on a host of legal and regulatory issues. One area that he has been closely monitoring over the years is the changing guidance and thinking around short-term, small-dollar consumer lending from the various regulatory agencies, and how it affects community financial institutions and their account holders.