Use Your Data to Understand Your Staff and Members During COVID-19 and Beyond

About the Podcast

No two credit unions will experience the impact of COVID-19 in exactly the same way. The same can be said for both credit union staff and the members they serve. That’s why it’s more important than ever to understand the stories your data is telling and take action. Listen in for tips on how to view your data with a fresh perspective, utilize daily reports to motivate your staff, and automate reports so you can spend 20% of your time gathering data and 80% of your time analyzing (instead of the other way around).

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Key Takeaways:

  • [05:01] Using data to learn how to help members in a respectful and actionable way is key. Members need you now more than ever. 
  • [18:40] To get the untapped, nonbelievers, and employees afraid of data excited you need to show the value of data. When you collaborate as a team you are able to look at problems and solve them differently than in the past.
  • [22:45] When credit unions see trends in data they can proactively reach out to members to provide alternatives. 

Presented By

Nikole John
Nikole John

Program Analyst | AdvantEdge Analytics

Nikole John serves a key role in defining analytics needs for credit unions, providing insights and activation strategies. She has worked in the credit union industry for close to a decade. Her passion for the movement began as a Member Service Consultant at Call Federal Credit Union. Pairing the front-line retail experience with her formal training and education in advanced statistics, Nikole quickly made the transition to Call Federal’s finance department. As Senior Financial Analyst, she helped propel the credit union’s data analytics function and culture.

Lisa Knoche
Lisa Knoche

Client Success Manager | AdvantEdge Analytics

As a Client Success Manager for AdvantEdge Analytics, Lisa Knoche helps credit unions act on analytics insights to create meaningful member experiences. Her CUNA Mutual Group career began in 1985, and the many roles she has held throughout her tenure have focused on helping credit unions meet their business needs.