Why a Data Strategy is Critical for Credit Unions

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Data driven credit unions are leading the way in the digital transformation of their member experience to the backend infrastructure. However, for changes to scale, be effective in their transformation, and generate value for their members, leadership teams need to start with the 'why'. Why should I bother changing? What benefits can I expect? And ultimately, what's my goal? – am I trying lower cost or improve member experience? This is why strategy is so important in all areas of business, but particularly so when it comes to data strategy. Understanding the importance of data strategy to your business and what users are hoping to achieve by doing it, will be the key to executing a successful strategy.

Please join George Estrada, Principal Strategic Advisor for Credit Unions with AWS, Chad Ritchie, Chief Information Officer of Ventura County Credit Union, Sean Daly, President and CEO of People’s Credit Union, and Jamie Jackson, Founder & CEO of Arkatechture, as they discuss what is a data strategy for a credit union.

Key takeaways:

  • What is a data strategy?
  • Why does your credit union need a data strategy?
  • Hear experts discuss their challenges and success in developing a data strategy.

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Presented By

George Estrada
George Estrada

Principal Strategic Advisor for Credit Unions | AWS
George Estrada is a Principal Strategist for Nonprofits for AWS' nonprofit team. He has a history of driving strategic outcomes by applying emerging and existing technologies and adopting innovative solutions. Before joining AWS, he was a CIO/CTO in the commercial and nonprofit sectors, where he successfully led the digital transformation of multiple organizations.

With his experience in the commercial and nonprofit sectors, George advises organizations on innovation and accelerating their digital transformations. He works with senior leadership, stakeholders, and key decision-makers on identifying and defining business outcomes and strategies that drive impact — a trusted advisor to bridge the gap between the business and technical teams.

Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson

Founder & CEO | Arkatechture 
Jamie Jackson leads Arkatechture as the Founder & CEO with energy & compassion. Through the growth and evolution of
Arkalytics, he embarks on a journey to build a community of data-driven financial institutions. He is a data engineer at heart with 20+ years of experience building large operational databases, data warehouses, and decision support systems. Combined with his business intelligence and data visualization development background, Jamie enables organizations to design, implement, and adopt the information systems necessary to advance through data analytics.

Chad Ritchie
Chad Ritchie

Chief Information Officer | Ventura County Credit Union

Chad first became a member of the credit union community in 1995 while serving as an Arabic Linguist in the United States Air Force at the National Security Agency. Since that time, he has created digital strategies for some of the largest brands in the world, including: LG, Johns Hopkins, Dell, McKesson, Comcast, Rush University Medical Center and many more. Today, he is the CIO of Ventura County Credit Union with a track record of over 25 years of creating business strategies that drive growth and positive customer experiences. Chad is one of the first people to successfully pioneer digital transformation in the credit union industry, and is regularly invited to speak on the subject as an established expert in the field.

Sean Daly
Sean Daly

President & CEO | People's Credit Union
Sean Daly is CEO of People’s Credit Union, a $670 Million RI based institution. His background includes leading start-ups and turnaround companies in technology, telecommunications, financial services, and professional services. Additionally, he has worked at Fortune 500 companies as part of teams in large-scale mergers, debt capital markets, process improvement, and finance, tech and operations departments.