Credit Union and Bank Mergers


NAFCU wants to make sure accurate information on credit union-bank mergers is accessible to all. Browse the resources below to learn more about this process and the impact it has on the credit union industry.  

Myth vs. Fact on Credit Union and Bank Mergers

Learn the truth about credit union and bank mergers. See what a merger process actually looks like and how it affects the participating credit union, bank, and the local community they serve.  

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Credit Union-Bank Mergers Issue Brief

Go in depth on credit union and bank mergers, from the number of mergers in recent years to the average asset growth performance of community banks and those that merge with or are acquired by a credit union.  

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Credit Union Times – Important Considerations for Credit Union Bank Mergers

Credit Union Times dives into the many factors credit unions must consider before, during, and after merging with a bank. 

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