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Sep 15, 2023

Books; This Week's Reading Pile

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

I used to be a bookworm. Then life happened.

Well, not really. I made excuses. Kids. Work. Who has  time?

I can’t remember when, but I bought a Kindle. And a great barrier to reading was erased. I just started…reading. It started slowly, but I found myself loving books again. And then I found out that my local library lets me borrow books digitally. For free.

Without any barriers (travel, time or cost), I’ve been reading a ton. Fiction. Biographies. History.

And my stress has dropped. I’m happier. Maybe a bit smarter along the way.

I’m not telling you to start reading more. But I am asking you this. What did you used to love to do?

Find ways to start doing it again.

Now, on to this week’s reading pile!

  • The Las Vegas Sphere was turned into the world’s largest AI artwork. (FastCo) None of us have the budget to turn our facilities into a “Sphere.” But I have seen some credit unions use lighting and projections to make their location “pop” in the night.
  • Microsoft will use carbon-absorbing rocks to meet climate goals. (WSJ) Interesting overview of carbon-dioxide scrubbing. Problems get solved, eventually.
  • Why furniture got so bad. (WaPost)
  • A 3% mortgage in a 7% world. This startup says it can do that. (WSJ)
  • YoY measures of inflation: Services, Goods and Shelter. (Calculated Risk
  • Shortcuts and loads. (Godin)
  • When writing for busy readers, less is more. (Behavioral Scientist) Yes!
  • Hello. HELLO?! Can you take off those headphones? (WSJ)

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Anthony Demangone, Executive Vice President and COO, NAFCU

Anthony Demangone, NCCO is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at NAFCU, where he oversees day-to-day operations and manages the association's education, marketing, membership, human resources, building facilities, finance and information technology functions. He also authors NAFCU's executive blog, Musings from the CU Suite and co-authored "Managing and Leading Well," a book for credit union leaders, with NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger.

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