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Sep 22, 2023

Cheering Fans; This Week's Reading Pile

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

At was at a local watering hole last Sunday grabbing dinner with the family. The Washington Commanders game was one of the TVs, and something strange was happening.

Washington fans were cheering.

If you haven’t followed the Commanders, let me bring you up to speed. The previous owner, Daniel Snyder, was characterized by fans as unethical.  Long story made short, his leadership style and decisions enraged and alienate the once-massive fan base.  Year by year, fans left. Sponsors left.  Fans stopped cheering.

Enter Josh Harris. The new owner, joined by others such as Magic Johnson, has changed the narrative. Will he improve things? Time will tell. But everyone feels that toxicity has left the building.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Leadership matters.

Now, on to the reading pile.

  • Walmart is lowering starting pay. (SHRM)
  • It goes without saying. (Godin)
  • MGM losings up to $8.4M a day due to cyberattack. (ReviewJournal)
  • A backyard accident led this dad to design a new bat that is changing Major League Baseball. (FastCo) Never tell me that there’s no room for improvement.
  • Why the shrinking personal savings rate is… a good sign? (TKer) Not sure I agree, but what the fun is reading just stuff with which you agree?
  • Help your team shift from busy to productive. (LetsGrowLeaders) I yearn for a day when I hear people say, man, I’ve been productive, rather than, man, I’ve been busy.
  • Survey finds workers around the world don’t have a good relationship with their job. (FastCo) This caught my eye: 83% of employees said they’d be willing to earn less to be happier. Specifically, they’d give up 11% of their salary to work somewhere where employees are engaged and leadership is emotionally intelligent, and they’d give up 13% of their salary to work where or when they want.
  • NFTs. How are those valuations doing? (BI)

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Anthony Demangone, Executive Vice President and COO, NAFCU

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