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Apr 28, 2023

Crepes; And This Weekend's Reading Pile

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

One last France story…sorry.

During the trip, we took a crepe cooking class. It was fantastic! But it almost wasn’t.

The chef said his restaurant was failing. A customer threw his cooking at him, saying his crepes were the worst he ate.

Rather than quit, he closed his shop for a month, and traveled to Brittany for an intensive crepe class. It was extremely expensive, so he scraped nearly every Euro/Franc together he could, and took the leap of faith.

Today, his restaurant is flourishing. Also, he now makes half his money teaching people how to cook crepes.

There are many lessons there. Never give up. Always focus on quality. And to sometimes let things go where they go. He never thought of himself as a teacher. But he clearly is one now.


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Now on to this weekend’s reading pile!

  • But what if it doesn’t work? (Godin)
  • Cyber thieves are getting more creative. (HBR) This article had a section on wire transfer crime.
  • JPMorgan Chase has a head of behavioral science. Here’s how he looks at things. (FB)
  • Spring cleaning for member service? Yep. (Dan Gingiss)
  • The myth of the broke millennial. (The Atlantic)
  • The striking consistency of Mastercard’s logo. (FastCo) A fun historical look at a classic logo.
  • New home sales increase to 683,000 annual rate in March; Likely new home sales will be up YoY in Mid-2023. (Calculated Risk)
  • A SF office tower, once valued at $300 million, is down 80% in value. (WSJ)
  • Does board size matter? (HLSFCG)
  • GDP and State Coincident Indicators: Cooling, but no recession. (Ritholtz)

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