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Sep 29, 2023

Everything is a signal; This Week's Reading Pile

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Everything is a signal.

How do you treat a waiter? How are you dressed? Are you responsive? Do you make contact? Are you bound by your word? Are you consistent?

Every press release. Every photo. Every choice of wording. Every choice.

Everything is a signal.

Rather than worry about that, I think it is better to accept it. And then send good signals.

  • Think everyone likes work-related happy hours? Think again. (BI)
  • A NYPD security robot will patrol the Times Square subway station. (Engadget)Robocop has arrived – just the latest example of robotics removing humans from some tasks. 
  • More on the 4-day work week. (WSJ) If the Journal is covering this issue so frequently, it seemingly has legs.
  • 4-day work week, fewer meetings, boosts productivity. (BI)
  • Jenga. (Godin)
  • 24 things I believe about investing. (AWOCS) Brilliant! I think this applies to much more than investing.
  • How to get the best sleep of your life – Six secrets from research. (BUTWT)
  • Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do. (Vox)
  • Do FIs that spend more than their peers on marketing grow faster? (FB)

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Anthony Demangone, Executive Vice President and COO, NAFCU

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