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NAFCU's Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

It has been a wonderful start to 2019. As you settle into this weekend, please enjoy this week's reading pile from NAFCU. As always, let us know if you ever need anything.

- Anthony

  • NCUA's 2019 supervisory priorities. (NAFCU Today) For a deeper dive, here's the view from NAFCU's compliance team. (NAFCU Compliance Blog)
  • Does an orchestra need the oboe? (Godin)
  • Disrupting the disruptors. Another example of the power of cooperatives. In this case, the cab drivers benefit. In our case, it is the member-owner. (Ritholtz)
  • Three reasons for brain drain, and three possible solutions. (Associations Now)
  • Please don't write me a novel. I won't read it. Advice on email. (Quartz)
  • Reading is good for you. These techniques will help you read more. (Popular Science)
  • How much individual Americans make in wages. (Ritholtz)
  • Are people happy with their FI? A study reveals blind spots and problems. (FB)
  • California is requiring new housing to be equipped with rooftop solar or be powered from a community solar-array starting in 2020. (Fast Company)
  • How to avoid the Nike problem. (Leadership Freak)
  • How a Spanish city improved nearly making the town better for children. (Citylab)
  • The 51 best ideas from 2018. (Safal Niveshak)
  • The 2019 deposit slugfest. (GonzoBanker)

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