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Kate and Briggs have been at sleep-away camp this week. 

I'm sure the experience has been a good one for them. And I know for a fact that it has been fantastic for mom and dad!

Mandy and I were drinking coffee trying to figure out the strange sensation that surrounded us. After a few minutes, we figured it out.

It was silence.  Beautiful silence.

And with that, here is this weekend's reading pile. Enjoy!

  • Wells Fargo might be short in its legal budget this roughly $3.9 billion. (Reuters)
  • Things change. We're drinking a lot less milk than we used to. Not good news for small dairy farmers. (The Atlas)
  • Most companies use only 45% of the data they collect. (Priceconomics)
  • Why no one wants to talk about the booming economy. (The Atlantic)
  • Streaks. (Godin)
  • Three strategies for humanizing the digital experience. (Gallup)
  • Six social media tactics used by major financial institutions. (Financial Brand)
  • Interesting data on teen employment. (Calculated Risk)
  • The secret to bringing out the best in others. (Leadership Freak)

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