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The big game is this Sunday. What a story line! Perhaps the best quarterback ever is playing perhaps his best football ever. At an elderly age for a football player. On the other side, perhaps the best young quarterback who has a shot to be the best ever.

It is a reminder that success comes in all shapes and sizes.

On a separate note, this game may not be the most-watched Superbowl ever. Why? Roughly 30 million people cut cable last year. More and more people are digging deep into Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and more.  30 million. Change comes slow. Until it comes quickly.

Now, on to this weekend's reading pile!

  • Big data! Hershey saw that ingredients for s'mores were selling most in areas hardest hit by COVID. Using that data, they then were able to target ads.  And sales boomed more. (BI)
  • NAFCU has seven Networks - online communities where CU professionals can share ideas and push their projects forward. Collaboration. Boom! (NAFCU) Free for NAFCU members! Boom!
  • 8 habits of Productive, Happy People. You might find these articles kind of hokey. But look at the list. And look around. There seems to be a huge correlation between the list and happy, productive people! (Entrepreneur)
  • Who is Andy Jassy, Amazon's new CEO. (FC)
  • The iPhone is today's Kodak Brownie Camera. (OM)
  • I love how architecture can move people - one way or the other. Here's the plan for Amazon's proposed HQ2 for Arlington, Virginia. (GW)
  • Nike is making a completely hands-free sneaker for those with arthritis. (GNN)
  • A simple, missing word. (Godin)

I mentioned my love of Ted Lasso last week. And look what someone gave me?! People are good. I truly believe it.

Have a wonderful weekend. Make it count!

Mug Lasso

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