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I love “rules of thumb.” There’s some magic buried in each one. And yes, there are exceptions to every rule. But that doesn’t diminish their usefulness. Here are a few that have it home recently for me.

  1. You can never over-communicate.
  2. Focus on managing your energy as much as your time.
  3. Be as clear and concise in your emails as possible.
  4. You can cut the length of any meeting by a third, and there will be no drop-off in productivity.
  5. Clear direction + respect + the right tools + the right amount of time = engagement.

Have any good ones you want to share? Now, on to this weekend’s reading pile.

  • Consumers are less happy with digital-only banks. (FB)
  • New NAFCU video urges policymakers to provide much needed fintech regulation. (NAFCU)
  • Most Americans learn about finances from friends and families. (
  • Risky borrowers are falling behind on their car payments. (WSJ)
  • Customer experience in 2025: Here is where we’re heading. (ClickZ)
  • People are starting to think about buying homes – not just selling them. (Mortgage News Daily)
  • Jamie Dimon’s annual letter to shareholders. (JPMorgan) Very interesting sections on competitive threats and specific issues facing the FI industry.
  • The top 100 credit unions on Instagram. (FB)
  • One third of millennials plan to quit their job after the pandemic. (Forbes)

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-          Anthony

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