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Your Credit Union Weekend Reading Pile, Courtesy of NAFCU

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

We've made it to the end of another week. I, for one, am thankful.

I have a great group of colleagues who do amazing work. 

NAFCU's membership keeps growing. Both state and federally-chartered credit unions are joining in bunches. I'm not bragging. I'm grateful. I think it is our board and our staff that is driving this growth. And meeting new members is a true shot in the arm. As is talking with our long-term members.

I'm a huge fan of servent-leadership, and I know we're lucky to be able to work in an industry and in jobs that, at their core, are servant-based. 

As always, thanks for what you do for our industry. If you ever need anything from us at NAFCU, please let me know.

And most importantly, have a wonderful weekend.

- Anthony

Now, on to this week's reading pile!

  • The job market is tight. Amazingly tight. Just look at this chart for an example. Weekly initial unemployment claims decrease to 222,000. (Calculated Risk)
  • The average credit card rate is now more than 17%. (Bankrate)
  • I think you'll enjoy this. Useful hacks. (Collaborative Fund)
  • Explainer: What is a blockchain? (H/T to Henry Meier) (MIT Technology Review)
  • Not a great demographic trend. We're having fewer babies. (Wealth of Common Sense)
  • A must read. A very straight-forward overview of what was inside S. 2155. (NAFCU Today)
  • My first thought was about what this means for collections. Why no one answers their phones anymore. (The Atlantic)
  • The psychology of money. (Collaborative Fund)
  • Wells Fargo not alone: OCC finds sales abuses at other banks. (American Banker)
  • Throat clearing isn't necessary. (Godin)
Picture of my daughter and me.
This was taken before last weekend's Father/Daughter dance. Wow, does time fly. 


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