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I’m an optimist. Not quite pollyannaish, I hope. But certainly, an optimist.

The world has problems, and always will. But I am amazed at how people rise above daunting challenges. The development of the COVID-19 vaccines. The British people during the Battle for Britain. The U.S. after the Great Depression. Many of us after the Great Recession.

We are entering the “end-phase” of the pandemic, I hope. In the beginning, the fear and unknown made it seem that the very Earth we walk on would stop spinning.

But smart people worked the problem. Leaders adapted. Heroes stepped up.

And the world kept on spinning.

Here’s to that glass, half-full.

Now, on to this week’s reading pile.

  • Ally Bank eliminates overdraft fees, financial services company applies for charter. (NAFCU Today)
  • Customer/Member Experience Trends in FI for 2021. (FB)
  • Cyberattack goes after major meat producer. (Forbes)
  • Seven high frequency indicators for the economy. (Calculated Risk)
  • How to escape the happiness guilt trap. (The Atlantic)
  • The inflation reset. (Ritholtz)
  • Perfect storm leaves Hamptons restaurants scrambling for staff. (Forbes)
  • Bank customers are primed and ready for Amazon. (Forbes)
  • How to compete with Amazon. (Hyken)
  • We’ll fix it in post. (Godin)
  • Labor shortages are set to fade by the fall, Fed’s Brainard says. (BI)

Have a wonderful weekend, the first in June. We only get 52 weekends a year, so please make this one count.

-          Anthony

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