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Kate and Briggs were in a fishing camp this week. Their one big treat of the week took place yesterday -  a day of deep-sea fishing. They came back a bit sunburned but having caught more than 50 fish each. (Catch and release.) They were tired and hit the hay early. I had to laugh. They are twelve. But I’m not sure a summer day gets much better than that.

Here’s to your weekend – may the fish be biting. Now, on to this weekend’s reading pile.

  • Automation helped kill up to 70% of middle-class jobs since 1980. (BI)
  • Millennials, the Wealthiest Generation? Believe it. (Bloomberg)
  • What quitters understand about the job market. More Americans are quitting. Is the workplace undergoing a revolution, or just a post-pandemic spasm? (The Atlantic)
  • Busy and reliable. (Godin)
  • Idiots, Maniacs and the Complexities of Risk. (AWOCS)
  • The top 11 fintech disruptors of 2021. (FB)
  • Customer service is a gold mine for employee experience ideas. (Russel Lolacher)
  • Pizzerias nationwide are seeing a major spike in foot traffic, as well as shortages of ingredients and workers. (BI)
  • Architects are billing. A lot. (Calculated Risk)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

-          Anthony

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