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Aug 12, 2022

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Written by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Happy Friday, my friend.

Have I told you that I love Steve Martin? Comedian. Actor. (Only Murders in the Building? Come on!) Musician. He has the mythical touch of gold.

Someone asked him what the secret to his success was. He hesitated a moment, and then laid out this gem.


No short cuts. Simply hard work and consistency.

Now, on to the reading pile!

  • 8 recruiting and retention stories that work. (LeadWithAStory)
  • What to count. (Godin)
  • FI’s digital transformation is too slow for consumers. (FB)
  • Don’t make these marketing mistakes. (Entrepreneur) Really liked this one.
  • The best way to solve a labor shortage is with labor. (StayAtHomeMacro)
  • Ready or not, the supply chain transformation is underway. (The Hill) Also, charts showing the supply chain issue is easing. (TKER)
  • When cities treated cars as dangerous intruders. (The MIT Press) Fascinating read that drives home the point that things can change a great, great deal in a short amount of time.
  • Indispensable or irreplaceable. (Godin)
  • How big is the housing shortage? (Market Urbanism)
This week, the whole NAFCU team got together to focus on values, mission, strategy and how to better serve you and your credit union.  But we also did some charitable work. I wouldn't trade this group of folks for anything.

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