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Sep 09, 2022

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

Read an interesting tweet from Nassim Nicholas Taleb – the Transparency Effect.

He argues that today, there is complete transparency in information. Few filters, if any, can control it.

When I was young, there was no internet. News came via the paper or Walter Cronkite. Would we hear about a bad event three states over? Likely not. There just wasn’t time or space.

Also, bloggers or other individuals can drill down into very specific areas to highlight concerns.

In his words, the Transparency Effect is this: “The more things improve, the worse they look.”  

Food for thought. Now on to this week’s reading pile.

  • Labor Secretary says lack of workers is bigger threat than inflation. (Bloomberg)
  • Sheep are the solar industry’s law mowers of choice. (WSJ)
  • NAFCU’s Lending Conference early bird deadline approaches. (NAFCU)
  • E.B. White: On hope. (Leadership Freak)
  • The new rules of work clothes. (HBR)
  • Rising credit card debt signals bleaker financial outlook for consumers. (FB)
  • Four ways the digital revolution has changed consumer ideas about patience. (CMS Wire) Whoo, boy. This hits the nail on the head. If your member has a great experience over there, it raises their expectations for every future experience.
  • Getting the hull shape right. (Godin)
  • The unexpected power of random acts of kindness. (NYT)
  • Uber taps Nuro’s street-legal robots. (Forbes) I always see articles as bad for drives, but good for companies that manufacture the vehicles and the companies that build the network behind them.

PS: Let me know if you’ll be in town for NAFCU’s Congressional Caucus. First round is on me!

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