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Oct 21, 2022

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

I love it when a good plan comes together!

This week at NAFCU’s Management and Leadership Institute, I talked about the power of one person.

I used Canton Police Officer Lamar Sharpe, who is one amazing person make a huge difference in the lives of many. Huge!

One of the attendees was from Canton, Ohio. I asked him if he knew Officer Sharpe. Knew him? He and his credit union helped him start Sharpe’s foundation! We did a quick fundraiser and attendees raised $465 to donate to the BeABetterMe Foundation.  If you want to pitch in, any amount would be greatly welcome!

Now, on to this week’s reading pile.

  • Enough with customer feedback. Make your move. (CMS Wire)
  • Some good news for homebuilders. (Calculated Risk)
  • Deposit strategies must be revised before funds leave for higher yields. (FB)
  • Google’s new technology could be the next big thing for remote workers. (Entrepreneur)
  • A terrifying read about modern money laundering. (ProPublica)
  • The echo. (Shep Hyken)
  • There was no great stagnation. (Works in Progress)
  • I’m not that smart. (Godin)
  • Bear market opportunities for every generation of investors. (AWOCS)
  • Scientists may have cracked the code on fast electric car charging. (Time)
Annapolis at night.

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