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Feb 17, 2023

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

As I sit here writing this, I’m toggling back and forth to watch a basketball game.

Not the NBA. Or college. It is a high school woman’s game – Towanda (my HS) against North Penn. Towanda has won four titles in a row, and my HS now streams games on YouTube.

55 people are watching along with me, on top of a packed gym.

The internet is a lot of things. But one of those is that it knocks down barriers. Most businesses don’t need everyone to succeed. In the past, you had to be nearby to be served by a business. No longer.

If a company is true to its “tribe,” that tribe can be spread across the country.

Now, on to this week’s reading pile.

  • Director Perspective: Top Priorities of 2023. (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance)
  • Home is wherever my cello is. (Godin)
  • What company do you admire most? (Hyken)
  • Why everyone feels like they’re faking it. (The New Yorker)
  • Everything you need to know about ChatGPD. (ZDNet)
  • 47 million people quit their job in 2021. Nearly 80 percent of them regret their decision. (SHRM)
  • How big is the NFL? Really big. (fivethirtyeight)
  • What FIs should understand about Google’s Helpful Content Update. (FB)

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