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Feb 24, 2023

Your NAFCU Weekend Reading Pile

Compiled by Anthony Demangone, Powered by NAFCU

When compiling this newsletter, I’m always pleasantly surprised at what captivates a reader. I’ll think something is hugely important, and it goes unmentioned. Another article unexpectedly can generate dozens of replies.

It is impossible to predict what will captivate a crowd. Because that crowd is simply a large collection of distinct individuals.

That’s why I love NAFCU’s conferences. There’s a lot on our plates.  We’re not sure what is the most pressing item on your plate, though. Our long hours of research lead us to hope, though, that we’ve included enough so that you walk away satisfied.

With that in mind, NAFCU’s Annual Conference is back after four years. We all need to be on top of our game. Gaining best practices, networking, discovering the latest credit union industry trends. And it’s important to meet up in person to connect. Catch up with one another. See what industry experts are raving about. All to help your credit union thrive.

The first 50 credit unions will get $400.00 off on new registrations using code FIRST50. Hurry—limited spots remain. Engage 2023: NAFCU’s Annual Conference is going to be fantastic!

I’ll see you there.  Now, on to this week’s reading pile!

  • Walmart, Home Depot see strains on the American consumer. (BI)
  • Remote work is costing NYC billions. (Bloomberg) I buy this. But that money doesn’t disappear. It is spent someplace else.
  • Customer experience all stars. (Forbes)
  • Restaurant subscriptions are growing. (Entrepreneur) Will the trend ever go to financial services?
  • Use this game-changing tool to make or break your pitches to investors. (Entrepreneur) Yes, this was written for those pitching start-ups. But everything is a pitch! And many of us use PowerPoint or similar tools to woo others.
  • Trust Fund. (The Grumpy Economist) There’s a lot of headline noise about the SS Trust Fund. This analysis is very good at separating fact from fiction.
  • Office landlord defaults are escalating as lenders brace for more distress. (WSJ)
  • Building a psychologically safe workplace. (YouTube) Great TED talk. HT to John Spence.
  • The six degrees of customer service. (Computerworld)
  • 4-day workweek trial: Shorter Hours, Happier Employees. (AP)
  • CoreLogic: US Annual Rent Price Growth Dropped by Nearly Half in December. (Calculated Risk)

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