Connecting Credit Unions. Connecting Communities.

NAFCU’s member credit unions are the lifeblood of our country. You are the heartbeat of Main Street. Through small business lending that strengthens our communities, consumer-focused lending to help Americans achieve their dreams, and secure products and services to keep finances safe, your efforts unlock unlimited economic potential unlike any other economy in the world.

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#NAFCUNation is all about showcasing the strength of our industry and what you do daily to support your members and local communities. We will amplify your voices by sharing your stories – in our advocacy with lawmakers and regulators, conversations with press, and across our communications channels. We want the entire nation to know why credit unions are their best choice for financial services!

Share Your #NAFCUNation Story

Here are some questions to help you identify impactful stories to share. The more specific you can be, the better!

  • Is there a local business your credit union serves? How do your products/services enable them to grow and strengthen your community?
  • Is there a multigenerational family in your credit union, where you have helped them through various life milestones like starting a checking account, buying a house, saving for retirement?
  • How does your credit union support members going through hard financial times, such as unemployment or an unexpected medical issue?
  • How does your credit union and/or employees volunteer within your community?
  • Do you offer any scholarships to students, or support school-related programs?
  • Have you researched and launched a new product or service because of member interest?