FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 02, 2023

CUNA and NAFCU Members Approve Merger to form America’s Credit Unions

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU) have voted in favor and approved the merger to form America’s Credit Unions

This merger is a historic opportunity to transform credit union advocacy at the federal and state levels and take the industry into the future. The new association will bring together the best of both organizations to offer exceptional services to credit unions so they can best serve families and small businesses across America.  

Of those that voted, 94 percent of CUNA members and 86 percent of NAFCU members voted in favor of the merger.  

“I’d like to thank our credit union members who have been engaged throughout this merger process – asking tough questions, holding us accountable, and helping us plan for the future. I am incredibly humbled to lead this new organization and fight for a stronger credit union industry. Your needs will remain our priority as we embark on this transformation over the next several months,” said Jim Nussle, president and CEO of CUNA, who will serve as president and CEO of America’s Credit Unions. 

“This successful vote is a monumental moment for the credit union industry. With Jim at the helm, supported by the Board of Directors’ expertise and leadership, I am confident America’s Credit Unions will prove to be a successful, innovative, and service-first association that will elevate the industry well into the future,” said Dan Berger, president and CEO of NAFCU.  

“As credit union leaders, we are aware of the challenges facing our industry, but also the incredible opportunities each of our institutions have to improve people’s lives. I am confident that America’s Credit Unions will empower the industry with the advocacy, education and training, and compliance assistance needed to make the most of these opportunities and tackle challenges head on,” said Brian Schools, president and CEO of Chartway Federal Credit Union, who will serve as chair of America’s Credit Unions Transition Board of Directors. 

“The transformation to America’s Credit Unions is the epitome of the cooperative spirit of the credit union industry. From the start, this merger has been about doing what’s best for the future of our industry and bolstering the individual success of our institutions through our collective strength. I am excited to show the country the full force of the credit union difference,” said Lisa Ginter, president and CEO of Community America Credit Union, who will serve as vice chair of America’s Credit Unions Transition Board of Directors. 

America’s Credit Unions will legally be formed Jan. 1, 2024, and the new association will spend the next several months aligning products and services to meet members’ needs, and committing to a culture that emphasizes accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. The association will provide credit unions with regular updates on the transformation process.