March 12, 2018

NAFCU, committed to CUs, continues fight against ADA litigation

NAFCU continues to fulfill its commitment to protect credit unions by fighting the recent flood of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website litigation targeting the industry. From an updated FAQ document to a focused resource page, NAFCU remains active on the issue.

NAFCU last week released an updated version of its widely downloaded ADA FAQ document. The new document includes further information regarding recent court actions as credit unions and NAFCU fight against litigation threats related to unclear website accessibility requirements under the act; it is available for download here.

To date, credit unions in at least 24 states have been targeted with demand letters on this issue. NAFCU's FAQ document now includes mention of the fifth amicus brief filed by the association in support of a Texas credit union's motion to dismiss an ADA website complaint. The case (and a similar case against another Texas credit) was voluntarily dismissed the same day.

The document also highlights another case that was dismissed by a court in Virginia; NAFCU stood by that credit union during a court hearing.

Furthermore, NAFCU's FAQ document includes questions and answers on strategic options under consideration, which credit unions are being targeted by plaintiffs' attorneys and how credit unions are responding to demand letters regarding their website compliance with the ADA.

NAFCU remains active on ADA, engaging with various stakeholders on this issue, including Congress, states' attorneys general and the Justice Department to clarify regulatory standards for websites.

Further resources for dealing with the ADA issues, along with this FAQ document, can be found here.