August 10, 2023

NAFCU details requests for identifying illegal robocalls to FCC

FCCNAFCU and other financial trade associations wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to the commission’s proposed rule to combat illegal robocalls. In the letter, the trades expressed support for the FCC’s efforts while also offering several recommendations.

The trades requested the commission remove three factors from its list that service providers should use to determine which calls are “highly likely to be illegal.”

“Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions place large numbers of fraud alerts, past-due notifications, and other servicing calls in a short timeframe, and these calls may have low average call duration and low completion ratios—three attributes that the Commission has suggested voice service providers and their third-party analytics service providers use to identify illegal calls,” wrote the trades. “We urge the Commission to state that these factors may suggest that the call placed is an illegal call only if those factors are present along with other indicia indicating the call is illegal.”

Additionally, the trades urged the FCC to require service providers to notify callers if they have been labeled as scam and provide opportunities to dispute the label. They also requested the FCC to prohibit the use of labels if the authenticity cannot be verified.

NAFCU has consistently engaged the FCC on robocalls and robotexts to ensure bad actors are stopped and credit unions can communicate with their members on time-sensitive matters.