September 18, 2013

NCUA weighing impact of Windows XP phase-out

Sept. 18, 2013 – Microsoft's plan to cease support of the windows XP operating system next year holds implications for credit unions' networks of ATMs, but NCUA has indicated to NAFCU that it has this development in its sights and is preparing.

One industry source says most ATMs run on XP, but Microsoft is due to stop supporting Windows XP next March. Eric Miller, NAFCU's vice president of information technology, points out that doesn't mean XP won't work anymore. "However, Microsoft is unlikely to release any new patches to fix new vulnerabilities in XP," he said.

Industry reports note the bigger issue for credit unions – and any businesses relying on XP – will be the ability to obtain certification from the PCI Security Standards Council. "One of the requirements is the regular patching of systems," Miller notes. "You can't patch a system that is no longer supported by the vendor."

NCUA has been aware of this development and continues to watch this issue for its impact on credit unions, NAFCU regulatory staff note.