March 20, 2014

New social media scam: card popping

March 21, 2014 – Online scammers are using a new method called "card popping" on social media outlets in order to obtain debit card numbers and PINs, according to USAA's Enterprise Security Group.

USAA said its investigation into the practice began in December. In card popping, scammers promise Twitter and Facebook users money in return for the allegedly legitimate use of their financial accounts.

"In some cases, for example, the scammers say they'll use your bank account information to cash checks because they are unable to do so themselves," USAA wrote. "In other cases, the fraudsters' intentions appear less clear, but the motive and method are the same. You're promised money in return for account information. Once the scammers gain access to your bank account, they use it to deposit bad checks, then withdraw money before the checks are discovered to be fake."

NAFCU's recent Technology and Security Conference in Las Vegas featured a presentation from cybersecurity expert Jon Sileo on personal cybersecurity and identity fraud risks.