December 21, 2018

Partial gov't shutdown imminent as House adjourns without a deal; NFIP extended

capitolHouse leadership announced there would be no more votes this evening, essentially assuring a partial government shutdown at midnight tonight since no deal was reached on government funding with the Senate and President Donald Trump. Both chambers did pass a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) extension until May 31; this program was also scheduled to lapse at midnight tonight. Trump is expected to sign the measure ensuring the program is extended.

While much of the government will remain open after midnight, the departments of Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Transportation, Interior, Homeland Security and State, among others, will be forced to shut down.
NAFCU remains engaged as lawmakers try to work out a deal on government funding. The House Thursday night passed a government funding deal that includes $5.7 billion requested by Trump for his proposed wall along the border of Mexico. The Senate had also previously passed a bipartisan deal to keep the government funded through Feb. 8. President Donald Trump said he will not sign a bill unless it provides funding for this wall.
While independent agencies, such as NCUA and Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, will not be impacted by this shutdown, many credit unions support members who are paid by the federal government, either as agency workers or under contract, that will be affected.
NAFCU will keep credit unions updated as discussions continue.