September 28, 2022

Senate stopgap bill would fund government through Dec. 16

CapitolThe Senate on Tuesday advanced legislation in an effort to prevent a government shutdown and provide funding for federal agencies through Dec. 16. After Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., conceded on the inclusion of his energy permitting package , the Senate moved forward on the legislation with a procedural vote of 72-23, and is expected to officially pass the legislation as early as Wednesday. Current federal funding is set to expire at midnight Sept. 30; NAFCU consistently advocates for continuous government funding to provide stability and certainty to credit unions and their members.

In addition to providing funding for federal agencies through Dec. 16, the Senate proposal extends the authorization for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through Dec. 16 as well. NAFCU has supported the long-term reauthorization and continued modernization of the NFIP. 

The bill would also provide Ukraine more than $12 billion in emergency funding and $1 billion in heating assistance for low-income families in the United States; however, it does not include any additional funding requests by the Biden Administration to address emerging coronavirus or monkeypox needs.

With the Senate expected to vote on the short-term funding proposal this week, the House must act on the measure before midnight Friday to avoid a shutdown. If the House amends the bill after it is sent to the chamber, the Senate would have to vote again on the package before it heads to the President.

NAFCU will keep credit unions informed of federal funding discussions and continue to advocate for full funding for credit union priorities.