March 19, 2014

'Trends': 3rd year of membership, loan growth

March 20, 2014 – NAFCU members can see how federally insured credit unions' fourth-quarter results varied throughout the regions and in individual states in NAFCU's recently published CU Industry Trends report.

The report, based on data from credit unions' call reports, showed 2013 was the third straight year that credit unions logged growth in both membership and loans. Credit unions overall showed a tightening in net spreads, but they still managed to keep expenses in check.

The report also shows:

  • improved credit quality (lower delinquency ratios and net charge-off ratios);
  • loan growth for credit unions outpacing loan growth at banks for the second straight year;
  • higher first-mortgage concentrations and interest-rate risk at larger credit unions;
  • booming loan originations despite stalled first-mortgage originations;
  • small credit unions with higher risk-based net worth ratios and net worth ratios than those at large ones.

The report also showed the highest return on assets for credit unions in Utah; the highest loan growth in Tennessee; the highest rate of delinquencies for credit unions in Delaware; the highest aggregate net worth and risk-based net worth ratios in Mississippi; and the strongest first-mortgage originations and growth in North Dakota.

The CU Industry Trends report, produced quarterly by NAFCU's research team, is provided free as a benefit of membership in NAFCU.