2020 Innovation Award for Fraud Prevention



       Passive Biometrics and Behavioral Analytics

       October 14, 2020 | 2:00 PM EST

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About the Demo

As more users access their financial services online, credit unions have a greater need to ensure the right person is using their account. Join us for a live demonstration of the passive biometrics and behavioral analytics solution that won a 2020 Innovation Award: Mastercard’s NuData. See how this technology protects user accounts from large-scale attacks that try to look like humans. While some attacks use sophisticated scripts that can even manipulate the keyboard, mouse, and other tools to appear human, NuData’s technology can see through these creative techniques and mitigate fraud before it’s too late.

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Presented By

Kevin Rowland
Kevin Rowland

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships | NuData, a Mastercard Company

As the head of NuData’s global strategic partnerships, Kevin fosters client partnerships to give thousands of Affiliates access to NuData’s security solutions.

With over 25 years of operational and sales experience, including as Mastercard’s leader of North American Processor business, Kevin has learned first-hand about the challenges smaller companies face when entering the digital market. Self-described as a community focused person, he leverages partnerships to bring big ideas and solutions to the global eCommerce space, and help companies overcome their challenges without worrying about safety.

Over his career, he has also been on advisory councils, including the former First Data (Fiserv) Group Servicers Advisory Council and a co-founder of Corserv Solutions in the US, providing turnkey payment solutions for small and large financial institutions. He often shares his expertise with the public as a speaker and writer.